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Brand Protection

Your brand sets you apart and builds your customer loyalty. It's comprised of your most valuable assets that help generate consistent business. Protecting these crucial assets should be every business owner's top priority to protect their reputation and drive growth. 

At in|flow, we understand that protecting your and growing your brand is a priority. So, we happily offer a variety of flat fee services designed to help equip you with the necessary defenses and opportunities. We can register your logos and names as trademarks, or even copyright your creative works. 

Want to learn about how we can help protect your valuable business assets?

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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is a definitive way to stake your claim to your brand name and logo. It prevents others from using a trademark that is confusingly similar to yours. For a simple flat fee, our team can register your trademark while you enjoy peace of mind that its being handled the right way. 

Trademark Search and Clearance

We conduct comprehensive trademark searches to make sure your mark is in the clear. You don't want to be one of those businesses that have to rebrand or rename itself because it's infringing someone else's similar mark. We help by thoroughly searching and providing proper advice if we find any issues. 

Trademark Maintenance and Monitoring

Once your mark is registered, we can assist by ensuring it is properly maintained. We advise on any filings or renewals that must be made and help you do them properly. We also help you monitor the trademark database to keep watch for anyone pulling a fast one by registering a similar mark!

Copyright Registration

Copyrights are what protect our creative expressions such as photographs, writings, videos and music. Their are number of reasons to register your copyrights formally, one being that you can leverage the ability to sue infringers should they try to jack your work. This is critical in today's age because the internet and social media puts your work at high risk to be used by someone else. We can help you make it

Miscellaneous Intellectual Property Services

We can also assist you with brand licensing agreements; assignment contracts; cease & desist letters; and responses to trademark office actions. We're your one-stop shop when it comes to protecting, growing, and amplifying your creative brand!


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