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the law can be intimidating. your lawyers shouldn't be.

If you couldn't already tell, we're not like other law firms. No boxy suits, stiff personalities, or stuffy conference rooms here. We're disrupting law to revolutionize how creatives & business owners access legal help in the modern world. 

In a nutshell, we're simply lawyers empowering creators, influencers & entrepreneurs to grow their business and build their brand. 


our story

It didn't take us long to learn

that historically the archaic practice of old law

has created barriers for many who sought economic independence. 

We formed in|flow to provide "new law" legal support

to creative entrepreneurs and artists,

because creative people need creative lawyers too. 

Old law is "the man."

you don't work for the man,

so why should you work with the man?

New law is human - professional with a personal touch.

Old law is slow and costly, it's antiquated and bloated.

New law is agile and efficient, it embraces innovation

to provide services without unnecessary overhead. 

Old law is hourly billing, where speaking with clients is $$$.

New law is subscription models and flat fees

so clients can predict their bills and speak freely with us.

Our passion is to be advisors and strategic partners with our clients.

But traditional legal services rooted in hourly billing,

never supported the collaborative model we sought to work in. 

So we created our own model to disrupt old law

and provide the kind of a service you and your business deserve.


A legal team to help clear the fog.

A relationship to empower you.  

Rayman Khan

inspired by the creative spirit, and its potential to change the world.

Ray is an easy going plant father and adventurous spirit. He heads up the brand strategy and contract practice areas for in|flow. His goal is to be the Anthony Bourdain of lawyers... whatever that means. 

Ray can help you secure a trademark, get your contracts aligned, and find the best spot in town to get dinner tonight. He's worked with creative and social entrepreneurs in the past, as well as serve as a climate policy advisor for the City of San Diego.  

Ask him about his lunch with Desmond Tutu. 

His bar number is: 320039



a rebellious soul that is always finding ways to disrupt the status quo 

Gabe is a father, husband, business owner, and social media influencer! Oh yeah he’s an attorney too! His passion for art and music led him to open a successful tattoo shop that has been thriving for almost a decade.  He’s also one of the biggest Star Wars fans you’ll meet, which landed him as an approved Disney/Lucasfilm social media influencer! His social media followings have over half a million followers and over 10 million views!

Besides helping you with all the legal stuff we do, Gabe’s experience in running a sustainable business and social media growth can be a lightsaber…oops, we mean a life saver for your project!

His bar number is: 314553

let's become strategic partners

Stonemason at Work

Join our Creators Subscription and stay ahead of your business issues with proactive advice from your legal team. 


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