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in|flow Legal tribe program

Our subscription program offering unprecedented legal access for creators and small businesses looking to grow their business and build their brand for only $850 a year. 

what you get


Members enjoy the ability to schedule unlimited phone calls with our talented attorneys. A feature that's perfect for getting quick reassurance or clarity on issues that pop up throughout the course of your business!

document review

Someone send you a contract but not sure what its legal implications are? As a member you can easily upload your documents through our exclusive portal so we can ensure it prioritizes you and your business' best interests.


Members get exclusive access to the in|flowencers tribe - our network for local creators, disruptors, makers, and biz-owners. Connect, collaborate, and grow alongside like-minded individuals who share your common interests.

discounted projects

Some legal projects such as drafting a contract for you to use with your clients or registering your trademarks fall out the scope of our subscription plan... but you do get to enjoy a 15% discount on these flat fee projects!

exclusive content

Use your exclusive membership to the in|flowencers tribe to access content created just for you. Our videos & guides empower you with clear legal & business knowledge to grow your creative business in an effective way.

unprecedented access to proactive legal advice

In the past, we worked with creative professionals on a reactionary basis - clients would come to us to help fix a problem or mess they found themselves in. That's fine. Like all attorneys, we were educated and trained to be fixers. But we know there's a better way. Our passion is to be advisors and strategic partners with our clients... not just fixers. But traditional legal services rooted in hourly billing, where talking to your lawyer for just 10 minutes pulls hard earned cash from your pockets, doesn't support the collaborative model we seek to work in. 

To communicate freely with our clients so we can provide helpful legal advice before things got rotten or to simply grow their business and build their brand... we needed to do things differently. 

So we created a model to provide legal services on a subscription basis. One simple, predictable fee a month for unlimited communications with your attorney.

A legal team to help clear the fog.

A relationship to empower you.  

Working on Bean Bag Chairs


We're revolutionizing how creatives & small business owners access legal help in the modern world. More human, more accessible, and more effective.

Our subscription program makes it easy for you to have an attorney on your team. Connect, grow, and build a better business with us. 

$79 per month

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